Back-up of FP3 data and apps, not using google etc

Hi, sorry to have to start a new topic, there were about 5 already closed where I would have put my question:

The good old FP1 has a back-up and restore app / widget. With that I can do the backup on the SD-card and then simply copy that to a notebook or whatever. Also, alongside the data all the apps were saved, and I could leave out the music for example. On the 2 occasions after crashes the restore-part also worked flaslessly. So a good feature.

Now on the FP3 this does not exist any more. So I “shovel” my data manually to the computer, just the data, not really the apps etc.

Any chance there is a good way to do back-up possible restore etc. that came up in the meantime?
My FP3 is google free, so please no suggestions with google etc. Also, I have Lineage as OS and Linux on the notebook.

Thank you!


Can you elaborate on what exactly you want to backup? The whole system or just certain data?

For a system-level backup you’d probably need some recovery environment that supports it, like TWRP. I had used that with lineageos on my FP2, but I’m not sure if the same is possible for FP3/4 right now. I recall that there was a problem with TWRP not being able to decrypt encrypted data partitions. If that’s still the case it’ll be tough. But maybe other lineageos users can chime in.

I use with my Fairphone 3 and before other Smartphone Phone Explorer, MyPhoneExplorer | Funktionen. Software for Synchronizing und Backup.

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