Back-Up - How does the FP-own app work?

I have to send in my FP2 for repair and would like to back-up my phone. The link they gave me talks about a back-up-app. But I cannot find this on my phone.
To add to the problem, Titanium Backup can’t be installed. The button doesn’t do anything. But the “Quit” button does.
Can anyone help?

You should be set with helium (non pro) and adb tools (do you use windows or linux?). My wife did use it on an unrooted phone while migrating to CM, and it did work astonishingly well. TiBu needs root.
You can find helium on the google play store. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully

Hi, I have root - but no play store. :wink: I’m trying MyPhoneExplorer.

Then you should be set with TiBu. Where did you get the apk from, then? I did a few rom migrations with TiBu, worked flawlessly

oh, I can’t remember… maybe racoon or evozi-download.

Just to be clear, it doesn’t install, oder it doesn’t run?

Doesn’t install. The button is sort of dead - I can press all I want, nothing happens.

Do you have the apk locally, and klick on it in some file explorer?

yes, I have the app on my SD-Card.

That’s really strange. I did install locally stored apks… Had to enable unknown sources, but if I forgot that, it would say so, not just disable the install button. Can you be sure the as pk file is not corrupt? It’s a kind of an archive, and with the right programs you can unpack it… Maybe it’s worth a try?

i’m using MyPhoneExplorer to back-up… Will try, when the new phone is here.

Just to answer the first part of the question: IMO the support link refers to FP1(U).


maybe the apk File is corrupted or it contains a wrong android version.
There are a lot of alternative android stores and I would be careful what they are offering. Sometimes known programs are modified and contain malware.

Are you running any apps that create a full screen overlay? Examples of such apps include Twilight and Lux, but virtually any app that for instance changes the colour balance (filtering out blue light is popular) will do this. If you are, disable these apps and try again.


I used Twilight. Will try this when my new phone arrives.

Helium didn’t work for me. All I really cared about was contacts and photos though, so exported a vcard and synced with google photos.

Wish there was a native app though for the non-rooted / non-techy suchbas myself.

So, I tried it - and stopped Twilight. The app installation worked. So it was that. Thank you @Johannes

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