Back to android and ubuntu touch splash screen


I have successfully installed ubuntu touch on my FP2 but it does not suit me so I decided to go back to android.

I have tried to reinstall the fairphone open os but it does not find my FP.

After, I try with lineageOS. I successfully install it and it goes well.

The problem is that I have always the ubuntu touch start screen:

What can I do to remove it?



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You can overwrite it with the original fairphone boot screen. You’ll need the manual installation ZIP, a USB data cable, the fastboot command line tool, a command prompt in the directory that you extracted the ZIP file to and the phone in fastboot (or bootloader) mode, i.e. hold the volume down button while booting.

If your PC is on linux, run

fastboot flash splash images/splash.img

On Windows

fastboot flash splash images\splash.img

Great, and on a mac I think that it is the same as linux?

Where do I find the original bootscreen?

I have an other question, for which reason the fairphone open os install script did not find my FP?

Yes, for mac the command is the same as for linux.

The boot screen is in the manual installation ZIP. After you extract the file, it will be in the images subfolder.

Can’t say why the FP Open OS installation failed, you didn’t give any details. Normally I’d expect some message to be shown if anything fails.
In the past, sometimes people didn’t type “Yes” exactly as instructed at the prompt asking if one is sure to delete all data on the phone.


Thank you, I did not thought it was just a problem of picture.

I will try to write “Yes” for the FP open OS and if it does not work, I write a new post.

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