Back Cover keeps falling off

The back cover of my Fairphone keeps sliding off. Pretty annoying. Anybody have any experience with this?

:warning: First take out your battery and see if you can spin it (the battery) on a smooth surface. If so your battery is bloated and you shouldn’t use it anymore. Take a video of the spinning battery and contact support.

If that’s not the case: Is your back-cover deformed in any way?

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Please first check what @paulakreuzer asked you.

If this is not the case then maybe the small metal grips have been bent too far to the outside.
Take of your back cover and put it with the back on a table.

You can see 4 small grips, if you bend these grips to the inside the grip of the back cover should get stronger. I would recommend to bend them with a small spudger tool or thin piece of metal (Please be very careful not to hurt yourself ;))

:warning: - Do not bend them to far or it might become very difficult to open the phone (I would recommend trying a couple of times until you find the correct “tightness”)