Back-cover contacts are for NFC antenna

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I’m writing in french after
I’m wondering what the functionality of the 2 contact placed on the back cover of the FP4 ?
They are inside (not outside) the back cover and located in the top quarter left and have their equivalent on the top quarter right on the “mother board”.
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En Francais :
Auriez vous une idée de la fonction liée aux deux contacts qu’on voit à l’intérieur du dos du FP4 ?
Ils sont localisés dans quart haut gauche à l’intérieur de la coque et ont leurs équivalents sur la “carte mère” du téléphone (quart haut droit)
A quoi servent ils ?

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Hello and welcome. :slight_smile:
The contacts are for the NFC antenna in the back cover.
You can check by trying to use NFC with the cover off.

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Les contacts sont pour l’antenne NFC dans le couvercle arrière.
Vous pouvez vérifier en essayant d’utiliser le NFC sans le couvercle.


Thank you / Merci bcp :slight_smile:


Hi, question to @Kervador and @Paperpilot - do you have also a silient clicking or ratteling due to these two cantacts, when shaking the FP4 ? I have that, even a little bit when I fixe/close the back cover…

I think my hearing is too bad for me to comment on this. :wink:
What I can only tell you is what I feel, and I’ve never felt any rattling when taking off or putting on the back cover.

I don’t know if this is related, but sometimes when I tap a corner of my FP4 on a hard surface in the right way, I can feel something inside producing a brief vibration. I can’t comment on the source of this, so I don’t think that helps.

The Fairphone 4 Back Cover is made from 100% recycled plastics. How good is that? We designed it with durability in mind, as it protects your Fairphone 4’s inner workings and hosts the NFC antenna for all your convenient one-tap data transfers or payments.


Thank you for the quick answer. When I tap top down onto the upper right corner of my fp4 i clearly sense a small vibration and sound. Once i removed the back cover repeated the tapping and pushed onto the pins, there i detected that this sound/vibrition comes from these two metal pins that are connected together and are assembled somehow loosely to the module below. I was not shure if this is normal, especially that there is still some vibration with applied backcover. Seems that i have to test the NFC features, to be shure that the antenna has a propper contact…

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I tapped my FP4 for hundred of times now for testing. I cannot hear anything and don’t feel anything.

I’m having a similar thing happening. my FP4 vibrated and made a little sound a few times over the past few days that’s supposed to play when NFC is being read, while my just using my phone as usual. nothing pressed against the back, no wallet case with credit cards or anything like it.

Hi, i quickly tested the NFC functionality with the internal test-tool and my credit card, holding at the back cover. I moved it to several orientations - sidway, upside down, shaking (… dancing). Each time i got a response - so it seems normal that these pins are a little bit flexible but maybe i ask the oficial support to be shure ;-)…

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