AVG antivirus detected malware in unremovable app 'VoiceCommand'

Yesterday AVG antivirus PRO detected malware in ‘VoiceCommand’ on my FP1, Koala Nut 1.8.7. It also said it could not remove the offending app since it was ‘pre-installed by the phone manufacturer’. Further investigation led to http://www.avgthreatlabs.com/us-en/android-app-reports/app/com.mediatek.voicecommand/ , where it claims it is active malware since 3 days. No reports I could find from others having the same warning.

Note I did not recently install any new apps, and when I do, I only install them from the official google play store.

Should I be concerned? After the first scare I thought maybe not since it seems an app that has been on my phone since I bought it and this could therefore be a false alarm.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

It took me a while to come back on this issue, but working with the very helpful people from AVG antivirus, it was established it was a false alarm. AVG should not give the same issue after a current or near-future update of the virus definitions. Topic closed.

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