Average support responds time

What is the average time it takes the support to respond when asked over email or the contact page from the website?
I wrote them 2 weeks ago and still no responds except the original “we got your message”

For me it’s a bit between 2 and 6 weeks, if ever :nerd_face: I also had issues closed without communication.

Depends on what you define as a response. If any textual communication, then it’s the 2-6 weeks. But that’s usually along the lines:

We are thus very sorry that you are currently experiencing an issue with the app. I will log the information and report it to the relevant team for further investigation.
I appreciate your patience and cooperation so far and want to assure you that we are doing our best to have this resolved as soon as possible. I kindly ask you to give us more time to investigate this.
As a workaround, you could try the following steps in the meantime:

If you mean time to resolve an issue, then it’s infinity for me so far. I have like 7 issues open over the past year, and none solved (some of them closed without resolution).

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I understand you dont own a FP yet and you had some question that most likely is not really high priority for them as you dont have an issue with a device and those having real issues also have to wait often

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Hey there,

Sorry to make a topic on a dumb question (even though it was respond here but it was closed). Nonetheless, I received my FP4 monday (07/08/2023), I was very excited, but by Tuesday (08/08/2023) I already bricked it :

  • I flashed my FP4 with LineageOS
  • I was a bit disapointed by it so I came back to the factory/Fairphone OS Version : FP4.SP29.B.069
  • I didn’t pay attention to fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability and locked my phone after I boot one time in the OS and reboot to bootloader to lock it (yeah I was very dumb).

So I know at this pointI understand that my situation isn’t great and I have to send my FP4 to the support. I have read in differents topics that people have to pay ~30€, at this point I’m willing to pay (will it be even less because I live in France ?).

I’m still waiting for the support to answer the request back. So how long would it take to respond back ? (Taking into account Netherland’s holiday until end of august ~ september)
I have also saw a phone number, should I call it ? How long until someone respond ?

I thank you in advance for any answer

Generally speaking calling them has shown to speed up things (my own experiences with this are ~5 years ago). So you can try that for sure.


With no new updates even for beta users, I think most of FP is likely on holiday. Give it a week or two and they should answer.

Out of curiosity, did you brick it using a flashing tool? Or did you manually flash?

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I brick the phone by manually flash it, after I revert back to FairphoneOS (using this article). I was braindead (like always) and I wanted to lock the bootloader. So after the first boot (in FairphoneOS) was successful, Following a successful initial boot into FairphoneOS, I returned to the bootloader and proceeded to lock it for security using ./fastboot flashing lock, without paying attention neither to ./fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability or to the critical partition by locking it (./fastboot flashing lock_critical). Right after that I received a message about corrupted OS (I think, I do not remember precisely) and so I’m still stuck in the bootloader. (another case of someone stuck in the bootloader because I didn’t follow the guide correctly).

Hmm yes. That’s a bug that Fairphone sadly refuses to acknowledge even exists.

They will fix it for you though, so don’t worry.


In another thread @hirnsushi “don’t accept anything more than the 30 bucks, some had to pay. If you do have to deal with Cordon (the repair contractor), talk to Fairphone support and let them resolve it”
Best way is to call them to speed things up.


I opened a support case on October 9 because of hardware problems with my FP4. with very precise description of the errors and what I tried to solve. on October 16, I got a response that implicitly asked me to check the already tested things for clarification in part again. there were things that were already covered by my described solution attempts. In addition, they asked me to check some things that do not work with the latest FP software (!). the results of the partly perhaps useful, partly superfluous and partly impossible (and obviously incompetently prompted) tests I then reported back on October 17. (I am not blaming the guy I had contact with, they is obviously only following the guidelines they gets from FP. The company has apparently not created any suitable structures for support and does not even train the unfortunate service employees properly.)

since then there is radio silence.
i know: this is a user forum, small company, new product (FP5) on the market, … but these problems are not new. A simple search for “support” in the forum finds similar complaints from at least November 2017 and June 2016.
it is 2023 now and I can’t use my phone and fairphone is either overwhelmed or unwilling to take care of my problem.

in the meantime, i bought another, used phone for the transitional period until the repair. that’s an unding in itself, that you are forced to do this because the support is so lame. but the other phone works so much better than the FP4 on hardware and software level, that i will sell the FP4 if it ever gets repaired by FP.