Availability of FP2

I went into a T-Mobile shop in Austria and asked them if they still sell the Fairphone 2. The employee there told me that he knows of one piece in another T-Mobile store but did not sound very optimistic he would have in his store anytime soon.

Then I went on to a Saturn shop and asked them, if and when Fairphone 2 would be available. I was told “in a couple of weeks”.

I started an online chat with T-Mobile Austria and asked them the same question. Here is the protocol of the chat:

They basically told me the same information like the guy at Saturn.

The “pre-order now” page at fairphone.com states: “Based on demand, new Fairphone 2 orders will be delivered by September 1.”

What does that mean? Do you think I would be better of if I wait until either T-Mobile or Saturn sell Fairphone 2 in their stores in Austria in June or should I order it at fairphone.com and wait until it will be delivered in September?


If you want to be sure to get it as soon as possible, just pre order one and if the have it somewhere else buy it there and chancel your order.

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But would I get my money back that easy? I think I will not do it that way…

Why would you think Fairphone would keep your money? Of course you’ll get it back.

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As for why dates don’t match:
Resellers place orders with Fairphone’s business to business sales people. These business to business sales are factored in to the projected availability of the Fairphone 2 for Fairphone’s consumer sales. Depending on when the order was placed & how many units were ordered, T-Mobile and Saturn may have an expected delivery date that is sooner than the current projected delivery date for new orders. Of course the next question is then whether T-Mobile/Saturn have ordered enough FP2s to fulfil the pre-orders that they may already have, or that you’d have to wait for their next batch if you’d order via them…


I was not thinking about Fairphone when I wrote “that easy”…

Maybe Saturn want to check out the demand first and see how well sales will peform. It would be interesting to see their unit price…

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