Availability of a USB-C cable soon?

Hi there, Fairphone!
I just intended to order a FP3+ and additionally a USB-C cable from you. Unfortunately, the latter is not available at the moment.

When will the USB-C cable be available once again at your online shop? Sooner? Later? Somewhere in between? :wink:


Hi and welcome to our Fairphone Community Forum … which is not an official Fairphone Company Forum :wink: This forum is run and (mostly) populated by Fairphone users, not Fairphone staff. So I would recommend you ask official Fairphone Support (click the blue words to get to the message form). Other than that, did you sign up for an availability notification at the bottom of the USB cable product page?


Yep, I already did. And thanks for the link to the Fairphone Support! I’ll ask them there.