Availability of a USB-C cable soon?

Hi there, Fairphone!
I just intended to order a FP3+ and additionally a USB-C cable from you. Unfortunately, the latter is not available at the moment.

When will the USB-C cable be available once again at your online shop? Sooner? Later? Somewhere in between? :wink:


Hi and welcome to our Fairphone Community Forum … which is not an official Fairphone Company Forum :wink: This forum is run and (mostly) populated by Fairphone users, not Fairphone staff. So I would recommend you ask official Fairphone Support (click the blue words to get to the message form). Other than that, did you sign up for an availability notification at the bottom of the USB cable product page?


Yep, I already did. And thanks for the link to the Fairphone Support! I’ll ask them there.

Good news is, today i was notified the usbc cable is back in stock. What i have yet to discover if it is also fully cabable of data transfer ~ i have emailed support@

Cables supplied by Fairphone are for charging and data transfer.
If the cable is only charging = 2 threaded then you can’t charge the Fairphone.
A Fairphone needs a 4 threaded cable for charging.


Hi the notion that their is arequirement for a four wire connection doesn’t make any sense as a) on the usbc, which is reversible is because it has pins a1 and a12 on one side duplicated by pins b1 and b12 on the other side in the opposite direction, and b) hence all usbc cables have at least four connections for charging but that doesn’t mean it can transfer data ~ it’s the other ten connections between 1 and 12 that must carry data

Your right I was talking about the cable for the Fairphone 1 and 2.
The 2 threaded en and 4 threaded cable applies to the micro USB Type B which was needed for the Fairphone 1 and 2.
As for the Fairphone 3 the USB-C cable has to be USB-IF certified.
Have a read in this thread on not every usb c cable will work.

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Thanks for confirming my thoughts and I see the cables are USB-IF certified so I’ll order a couple and thanks for your quick responses

Side note: the FP2 charges from 2-threaded cables as well. Typically these come with powerbanks. I’ve had no problem charging through such cables although obviously there is no data transfer. There is no way for the charger to indicate its maximum power through a 2-thread cable so the charger may turn off because of overcurrent.

There were problems with 2 threaded cables for charging a Fairphone 1 and 2 in for exemple a car.

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