Autorotate is broken

The title says it all. It works, then it stops, works again, and breaks. I’ve read the posts about rebooting and I’ve done that too, but what is this? Windows?
I must say that if if this is the user experience, I may not stay with fairphone for the long run.

Does anyone have a fix?

No, it’s Android, which has enough quirks of its own. It indeed has the rebooting thing in common with Windows, which means a reboot once in a while might not be so bad, but this shouldn’t be necessary all too often. Anyway …

Worked for me without a problem with the stock OS, works for me without a problem with /e/.
You should contact support about this …

Apart from that …
Does auto rotation break in all Apps when it happens, or in a specific App?
Does the auto rotation icon in the quick settings (the ones you can pull down from the top) still indicate it’s on when it seems it’s off?
Does the sensor still work when it breaks (checking Apps which show sensor readings like SatStat or Sensors)?


Yep I know it’s android…
The autorotation breaks mostly in YouTube app, I don’t have any specific app to check the gyro calibration, thanks for your suggestions I’ll check those out :+1: