Automatically prevent 100% charge?

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I’m a very happy new owner of a refurbished FairPhone 4 and I am super stoked in anticipation of using this for at least 5 years into the future. Of course i also purchased a screen protector and case for it to maximize its lifespan, but there is still one thing i would like to do, but don’t know how.

Does anyone know of any automatic way of preventing the phone to be charged all the way up to 100%? If i just could prevent that, maybe let it stop at 90-95%, i believe the battery would have a much longer lifespan. My first thought was some kind of app might do the trick, but any ideas you might have would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

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You could use the app AccuBattery to issue a notification once a certain batttery level is reached and stop charging manually then

If you have root the magisk module Advanced Charging Controller (acc) is the automated solution

Thank you for the tip, but i have heard bad things about rooting a mobile phone, isn’t that a big security issue?

I use AccuBattery and I paid for the Pro version,
I use the charging alarm at 80%. You still need to manually disconnect the charger but it helps slow down the battery degradation over time. I’m 16 months in and running at around 80% battery capacity though I haven’t done a full deep discharge/recharge for a couple of months.

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Also, there are hardware solutions, like, which are controlled by an app on the phone and can stop the current. I used two for some time, until the ROM itself did include it

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Some app providers claim that rooting a phone is dangerous. There is ways to hide root from certain apps, and in the most cases this will work just fine.
OT: I personally believe, that I need and should have admin permissions on any device I own, that is capable to differentiate 0 from 1. But this is of course a difficult discussion and every one needs to find an individual answer.

If you do not want to root your phone, the easiest solution is probably AccuBattery and some interactive actions.

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I use Battery Charge Limit to stop charging at 90%.
It allows to switch off the limit by one single tap, if I neet every possible mAH of charge. :wink:

It should be mentioned that it only works on a rooted system. I think that the thread starter is using an unrooted Android.


I’ve the project in mind to do it with an smartplug and a home assistant automation.

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I used two chargie devices for some time, that kind of solution works fine for non rooted devices

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Now that is an idea!

I’ve got a couple of smart plugs, Zigbee light switches and HA to run some automations.
If you’re on your home wifi network then it should be easy enough to link the phone battery level with the switch.
Top thinking! :+1: