Automatically add country code calling back

Fairphone user here with a Dutch FP3 that lives in Slovenia. I am working here so I mainly get calls from Slovene phone numbers (+386). Everything’s fine when somebody calls me. However, when I want to call them back, the country code gets deleted automatically in the call, therefore I can’t reach them. I now need to manually edit the number that I am calling back first. Is it possible that the country code is automatically added when calling somebody back from the ‘recent’ calls?

Hi Laurens and welcome to the forum.

Good question :slight_smile:

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Which Software are you using on your phone and which phone app?

Thanks :slight_smile: FP3, standard build (8901.3.A.0134.20211116). App is just the standard ‘Phone’ :sweat_smile:

Check the settings in the phone app:


Turning off assisted dialing actually helped! I’m wondering why this is not a default? In which case would it be bad to call with the added country code? Anyway, for me this is resolved, thanks @Incanus :slight_smile:


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