Automatic push not working

My automatic push (or smart push) is not working between my OWA-account and my FairPhone. I am able to sync manually. Before I was able to do it but something changed with the new OS. Any ideas what I could do?


I think you have to have data synchronisation on. Maybe it got turned off during the upgrade. You can check whether it’s on or not in settings> Wireless&Networks > Data usage. There ht the menu button (lower left) and you should see “Auto-sync data” as an option.

Are you referring to the Outlook Web App?

Fun fact: I know some larger players who are looking into preventing this app to access their servers, as the app poses a security risk: it stores login information on it’s servers.

Thanks. I seems like it works.

humorkritik. Interesting…

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OWA is typically Outlook Web Access, an simple and old school web mailer. I have to use it for an university account for example. What is blocked it the new Outlook App (minus Web).

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