Automatic "do not disturb" rules switch on but not off

I have my Fairphone set to automatically invoke “do not disturb” rules to set it to priority only during night time. It switches “do not disturb” on reliably but it does not switch it off again at the end of the set period. Does anybody have the same issue, or know the solution please?

For me it works, but that probably is not of much help, because I have installed LineageOS (Android 8) instead of the default Fairphone OS (Android 7). Didn’t do anything special. I have an end time on the next day plus the setting that the alarm may override that in case it’s earlier (which is usually the case for me on work days).

I am still on the default OS. Now the problem has become worse as having set my phone to do not disturb for a meeting I now can’t turn it off at all. The icon doesn’t respond, although the phone vibrates when I press it … I guess an OS upgrade might fix it?

For me, the “do not disturb” and “power saving mode” icons sometimes do not respond immediately. I usually wait a bit if that happens and try again. So far I haven’t reached a situation where I couldn’t disable it at all.

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