Automatic Display turn ("Auto-rotate") is too sensitive

I recently bought a new Fairphone 4 and noticed that the Automatic display turn is very sensitive. My old Phone wasn’t like that.

Is there any way to change the sensitivity or the degree of turn?
If not where can someone request features?

Thanks in advance.

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You cannot adjust the sensitivity or the degree. What you can do is to turn off automatic rotation. After that, you will get the brief (2-3 seconds) opportunity (signalled by a small icon in one of the screen corners that you need to tap) to turn the screen manually whenever you are turning the whole device in an angle that suggests you might want to change the screen orientation.

Feature requests can be written to


Plenty to read about this,

I keep my auto-rotate disabled, as mentioned by Urs.


Ok thanks I didn’t know about that. This will probably help me.

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I have used the search function but I didn’t know the english term for aut-rotate. Thanks

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