Automatic backup during night to a local NAS

Hi everybody,

first of all I know there are a lot of cloud-services that have this functionality as described below. But I don’t want my data stored somewhere else in a cloud-system. I want the data to be stored in my house.

I’m searching for a solution to automatically backup pictures and phonedata like adresses etc. to a NAS in my house.

configure backup-app on the phone only once.
Go to sleep and every night the backup gets updated over WLAN.
So the NAS would have to need WLAN itself or maybe setting up a Rasperry Pi and a 4 Terabyte Harddisk to store the backup on.

Does anybody know of a Android-App and a backup-partner that works this way or at least comes close to this?

best regards Stefan

If you set up your own local server, rather than just a dumb drive you may want to look at > MyBackupPro

“If you’ve made the choice to backup your apps, the menu that appears gives you the option to either select certain apps or to select all of them. If you’ve picked data, you can choose to backup your data to either your SD card or to an online server.”

I have found a solution:

There is an App called SMBSync2

which can sync through the SMB-protocol on harddiscs of NAS-devices.
Fortunetly my DSL-Router a Fritz!Box 7490 offers connecting any standard external USB-device and make it available as a network-drive through the SMB-protocol.

This App SMBSync2 offers a lot of options to configure which folders and which SMB-variant to use.
It took me some time to find out that I needed to define the SMB-drive through the IP-adress of my WLAN-router and to choose the SMB V2(2.11) version of the SMB-protocol to make it work.

Any task can be set on a schedule to perform automatically.

best regards Stefan

If there’s only pictures, addresses and e.g. calendar entries you want to backup than you could also consider to setup a Raspberry Pi with a Nextcloud instance and setup a sync to it (although I’m not sure you can use your NAS easily in this setup; maybe you can mount it).

Hi all,
Im exactly doing what you are asking for. I set up a raspberry pi 4 with raspian on it and connected two harddisks (a 2 TB) via USB 3 to it and use samba to share in my network.
On my Fairphone 3 I run the app “SyncMe“ which tries to connect to the pi server every evening, compares the folders and copies the new pictures and files to the first harddisk.
The pi uses the second harddisk to create a backup of the first harddisk every night via the linux command “rdiff-backup”.
This is working for me and my wife for over a year now.


Many tools are there but maybe you would take a look at Duplicati or Gs Richcopy 360 , both can do the mentioned tasks in your questions perfectly

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