Auto music playing when connecting bluetooth in the car

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Each time my FP2 connects with the car, it starts playing a random music in silence (volume 0) with a weird app I never use (and even don’t know where it is actually). Each time I close it, it’ll start again after a while… How to prevent that ?

The question has been asked already in the link below but since there was no solution and the topic has been closed, I ask again in this new topic…

I don’t have this problem with other device and the same car … but just in case, it is an Audi TT 2011. If someone else has the same problem with the same car or brand, please let me know …

Have you tried to contact @flowchaser via pm if he was able to solve his problem?
There are quite some good ideas in the thread you linked. Maybe one of those did work out or he found the solution in a car-forum.
Unfortunately he neither has marked a posting as “solution”, nor did he report back about his findings from the search in other forums.

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The Music app used to launch when connecting to my car via Bluetooth.
This is the stock Music reader (I use Open OS) so you can’t uninstall it : go in parameters, then app, find the music app, open it, and simply disable it.
It works for me.

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I haven’t tried to contact him, but I will if I cannot find any solution by myself here.

I also use the open OS. I opened the stock music reader, but didn’t find any option, only the “DJ” option that I disabled. Which option were you talking about ?

I guess he was not referring to the settings from inside the app, but to disable the app itself through the parameters/settings menu of open OS (I use the standard OS and don’t know the correct description therefore).
In the FOS “Settings” menu you get the section “Apps” and there all the installed apps are listed. Then you select this standard app and select “disable”.

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Yes I found it. Thank you !

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That’s it, I was talking of parameters where you can change the parameters of the apps.
I wasn’t noticying it, but when the Bluetooth is on on my Fairphone, when I switch to Bluetooth in my car, it forces my music app to “play”. So a part of your problem may comes from your car which periodically try to force “play”.

Tell us if the fact to disable the Music app solved your problem.

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After disactivating the stock app, now the music starts automatically with PowerAmp, which is my default music app… I already disactivated the auto-play when bluetooth connected, but didn’t change anything. It seems that the car forces the phone to start, and I cannot access any options on the car interface for that …

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