Auto correct Danish

Hi everybody,
My Fairphone is my first smart phone, so obviously I’m a little retarded when it comes to the technical stuff.
I have installed a Danish dictionary, but I don’t know how to switch auto correct on. Can anybody help me? Do I need to install it or do I simply need to switch it on somehow?


Hi neighbour,

I’m not using the default keyboard, I’ve installed one called Scandinavian keyboard, but I guess the procedure is the same (if you can’t find these options you could consider switching to another keyboard too):

Go to System settings > Language & input. In the section ‘KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS’ your keyboard(s) is (are) listed. Tap the ‘three lines with dots’ symbol and you’ll get to the keyboard settings menu. Here you should be able to choose dictionary, and also whether you will get suggestions when typing or not.
Not sure whether you also can get auto-correct options. Not among my settings, but on the other hand I personally find auto-correct a nuisance. Too often the phone is wrong in guessing what I want to write.