Austria: HELP Mobile, a social mobile phone company?

Hi all. I stumbled across this social enterprise today when checking for a relevant rate here in Austria:
They claim to spend 1 Euro from the monthly rate from each active SIM plus all profit on social projects in Austria. They use my current operator 3 as network provider.
Does anyone here know of them already or even have experience with them?
Thanks in advance, Lars


The imprint reveals that the same people are behind this and (MASS Response Service GmbH). I have good experiences with the latter.


Thanks Stefan.
Strange setup.
Same Adress and Tax Number (UID) = for profit, Geschäftsführer Franz Pichler
HELP mobile = non-profit, Obfrau Andrea Pichler

I recently read a feature in the Lower Austrian newspaper NÖN. Apparently spusu stands for “sprechen und surfen”. Anyway , they are the only mobile operator in Austria that is growing. At the moment they have 150,000 active SIM cards. Only three percent of Austrians know spusu, but every sixth of them already has spusu. They will be the first to go live with a 5G network.

PS.: Fun fact, the company Mass Respons, which was founded in 2002 started off with televoting. Since 2004 they handle the Europe-wide televoting during the Eurovision Song Contest.

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I think I’ll switch.
I just did. :slight_smile:

- my current spusu tariff help 2
price €5.90 €6.90
of which donations €0 €1
data 1.3 GB 2 GB
minutes 150 300
texts 50 100
data transfer 3 GB 4 GB

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