Audio through USB-C to DAC on FP3?


I’d like to run audio through the usb-c port to a dragonfly usb DAC.
Perhaps a basic question, but does anyone know if the FP3 supports this?

Cheers, Mads

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I have a cheap usb to phone jack converter and that works.

Okay, then it must also work with the dac. Thank you!

I’m able to run my Beyerdynamic Impacto DAC and my iFi Zen Dac from my Fairphone. Not my Fiio Q1 since that is only made for iPhone.

The USB-C connector is not that gripping so that can be an issue with the Impacto, but all in all, it’s a great combo.

I also have a Fiio Q1 and it does not work. It did work on my previous Android phone (Honor 8), my computer running Windows and a Linux computer so I don’t think the problem comes from the fact it is advertised for iPhone. I also tried with my wife’s phone (Huawei P8 lite 2017) and my Samsung Tab A 2019 and it works…
So Fiio Q1 doesn’t work on Fairphone only!

I think that is because those systems support Audio over USB. This means, I think, that you’re using the phone’s DAC and not the one in the Q1.