Audio jack adapter emits noise when nothing is playing on FP5

I have a FP 5 and the original usb-c to audio jack adapter. It works good so far as long as something is playing. But a few seconds after I stop music (or any other sounds playing), it starts to emit a constant noise. It is not really white noise, but more a constant cracking. The cracking stops as soon as I start playing something again. If I play something, which makes actually no sound, the there is also no cracking. Is there anyone with similar issues or has any idea?

Is there actually anyone, who is using the usb-c to audio-jack adapter in combination with a FP5? Successfully or unsuccessfully …

Hi :slightly_smiling_face: unfortunately I don’t have the Fairphone original adapter, but I didn’t have any problem using a different one. No strange sounds when it’s not playing media.

Well, I don’t have any experience and I am not the most tech savvy guy, but since there is a D/A-chip built into the adapter, my guess would be, that chip is the cause of the noise.
And I would not consider that to be normal behaviour.
You should report it to Fairphone support.

If you want to exclude the USB-port as source, you might want to check the adapter on a different phone (if you have access to one; it needn’t be a Fairphone, of course).

That’s all I can come up with; sorry.
I hope you can solve the problem.
(Unplugging the adapter might always a possibility as well.)

Thanks for the feedback. That at least gives hope that I can solve the issue with another adapter.

Definitely a good and simple idea, trying my on another phone (how could I not have thought about that before …). But I fear, that this might be a combination of adapter and phone. Interestingly enough, the noise does not start immediately after stopping music, but after ~1s. Also, when the screen is of, sometimes there is noise, sometimes not. So it is like the phone decides to switch off the adapter when it doesn’t need it, … an then the adapter will emit noise.

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Ok, after further testing: The adapter actually works fine, when directly connected to headphones. It only leads to the noise, when connected to a mixer device. Still, pretty annoying. Maybe I should better try another adapter … only difficult, which to choose …

Mine simply doesn’t work :frowning: I have an FP5 and the original audiojack-to-USB-C-adapter, but the sound keeps playing from (both) my wired headphones AND my FP5-speakers. It upsets me especially, since the ‘audio adjustments’ do not show in any way a headset is connected…