Audio and Microphone FP2 not working

Dear everyone, I bought just couple of months ago my fairphone, I was very proud for doing it and felt Ok in investing in such a product.
I have now problems witha udio and microphone and I cannot hear and talk properly. But I saw for the FP2 it is not possible to ask as spareparts mic and audio (headset) how can I solve this problem? I would reallt like to avoid to trash this mobile since I believed in this project.

Thats sad, but isnt the Topmudule for the headset? Be carefull, only spezial Headsets works with FP. All my Headsets with mic doesent work, only these without mic, thats depends to the strange cinchadaption, do a search in FAQ and here, you will find a lot.

I moved this topic to #fairphone2help because it is not about repairing anything yet. Let’s first troubleshoot the problem

@sari_teresa_Mertanen Could you tell us the output of the Diagnostics tools that can be found in settings > maintenance?

I did the test and 1st microphone does not work, the second works.
I’ve been using for months earphones with mic to use my fairphone.
Please tell me what is the sparepart I need to buy to solve this issue. thank you

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