Attempt to restore backup via TWRP - Result is "Cannot restore System -- mounted read only"

Hello to the great FP community,

Be kind this is my first post and I’m just an apprentice in smartphone operations ! :wink:

I would like to restore via TWRP a back up I made. via TWRP. Unfortunately I encoutered a ridiculous difficulty I’m not able to solve, and I’ve not seen any comments on this situation : when trying to restore it says “Cannot restore System – mounted read only”.

I don’t know how to allow the writing mode. Someone does ?

Here are some clues to help the diagnostic :
First, I flashed the TWRP image onto my FP2 thanks to the fastboot command from my PC.
This wiki explained a status descripting my situation in section 6.b.

Indeed after flashing, I fall everytime in the Android recovery module instead of TWRP module.
I will observe later that contrary to what the wiki says, which is “After this, TWRP should be flashed permamantly.”, this is not permanent. Each time I want to open the recovery module I need to use the fastboot command “fastboot reboot” (from my PC) with volume up (on my FP).
So I followed the instruction of the wiki and finally accessed the TWRP module.
There I’ve been asked if I prefer the “read only” mode.
I confirmed because for the moment I just wanted to make a back up.
I could use the “backup” fonctionnality, create the backup, and make fried eggs meanwhile on my FP thanks to the heat made.
Then with pain I could retrieve the TWRP module, enter this time in the “restore” fonctionnality, swipe to restore, and there I’m blocked.

I thank you by advance for you help.
Sending my best regards

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I’m not sure because I never ticked that read-only option. But when you’re in TWRP there is a “Mount” item, maybe you can enable read-write there?

It might be the case that you did not immediately boot into TWRP after flashing (i.e. normal boot into the system). In that case TWRP gets overwritten.
For me it always worked to make TWRP permanent by immediately using it after flashing.


Yes ! I thougth I went there to conclude there was nothing for me. But I must have mislooked. I certainly was tired. So indeed you’re right. I could enable the write mode there. Thank you for you help !
So it was as ridiculous as I suspected it. :wink: :muscle:


You’re right again ! I reflashed using the “fastboot reboot” command + volume up and it was good.
Thank you for your time and your help ! I will now be fearless when trying new configuration as I have back ups et capacity to restore !


I hope you have seen TWRP’s notice that it doesn’t backup Internal Storage (you would have to copy that to a computer via USB or use other means) …


Explained here … https://twrp.me/faq/backupexclusions.html.

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Yes thank you for your care !

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