Attachments from e-mails where are they saved?

I saved a photo from a E-Mail attachment, but can’t find it anymore? Where is everything saved, when I push “saving”? Thanks for an answer.
Greetings from Switzerland

Although I use the app K-9 Mail, there will be something similar on your mailapp.
When I go to the settings, I find a folder Miscellaneous and in this folder I can see where the attachments are placed.

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It’s downloaded in… “Download” folder :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your answer. It seems to be a Problem with the E-Mail app (?) because it wasn’t able to save Pictures, e-mails came late and in the end, I wasn’t able to send mails. I’m working on it the last 2 days. I downloaded the K-9Mail App=Blue Mail and now it works. Hopefully it is a good App and save :sweat:
Now I find my Fotos easely.
Thank you very much.
I’m a digital immegrant, Born 1958, my Fairphone is my first Smartphone. I’m thankfull for your help.:sunglasses:

Thank you for your answer. Now I have BlueMail and so I find my Fotos on the save-Card (?) and from there I can take them to other places. I was looking on download, but no photos, that’s why I asked for help.:crystal_ball:
Thank you anyway!

What about introducing yourself?

When I was your age, I have been a newbee too. Now I can root and flash and mod like nothing. Let’s talk in 4 years - when you are as old as I am now - about your smartphone-career ;-).
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