Attach fairphone 2 to the ethernet

Hello All, I am trying to attach my fairphone 2 to the ethernet. I have the required cable, however it doesnot work. I think there needs to be an ethernet possibility on the phone, that I must switch on. Anybody any experience or ideas?

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Ethernet, you mean with a RJ45 ?

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What sort of cable are you using?

If your cable/adapter is compatible, turn off the wifi on the phone and only then connect the cable to it. If that doesn’t work, try turning on airplane mode and then connecting the cable - I’ve never tried this on an FP so I don’t know which will work.

I don’t see how RJ45 should work. If you have a RJ45 to µUSB you should check compatability and driver support

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I’m assuming that the OP has an appropriate cable or adapter, as they’re asking about switching something on in the phone rather than about connecting the cable - but the question remains what exactly they’re using. An OTG adapter like this one should work, but compatibility can be a bit iffy.

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I have a cable like that, it is called USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter. It doesnot work, also not if I switch on airplane mode first. My wifi is always switched off.

I donnot understand what you mean with RJ 45?

RJ 45 is the technical name for the standard ethernet plug, the one with the little release tab.

Looking at the forum, you’re not the first to run into issues with ethernet adapters. It doesn’t appear that there’s a readymade solution as yet, probably in part because there aren’t too many people who want to hook up their phone to an ethernet cable.

Edit: here’s a community-generated list of compatible USB devices.


Thank you for this information!


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