Are you powered by muscles, public transportation, electricity or fossils?

I am interested in how the Fairphone community moves themselfes around.
Do you have stories to share, how you used to move around, what you changed and why? What was your purpose? Do you live in urban or rural place? Are you already part of the electrified mobility? And is there a relation to Fairphone?


Always car. ever Diesel


Never owned a car and determined to never own one. Driving licence for 30 years.

Urbanite my whole life (except for one year) for ecological reasons (short distances, good public transport etc.) and better provision in key services (medical facilities, stores, sports facilities). Like to at least pay a bit attention to my ecological footprint, so long-distance commuting is something I totally want to avoid.

I travel by foot, bicycle, public transport (from most frequently to least).


I use public transport, my bicycle and my feet. I don’t own a car, never had one and never will.


I live in a small town in the alps and move everywhere by foot or bicycle. Since this area is very touristy, all I need is in a 5 km radius around me anyway.
I haven’t owned a car in almost a decade, just didn’t buy a new one when my last one broke down. I do have easy access to one for the 5 times a year I need it, public transportation isn’t really that great here.


I mostly use a bike to get around, and frequently travel by train. I don’t own a car nor have a driving license.

My work moved to an office up a hill recently, and since then I occasionally use the bus (diesel) or tram (electric) to get there.


A Diesel for long distances (>100km), and for short distances I use a small electric-car or a Bike.


Use my bike for all possible ways. Only for further traveling I use a train.
For holidays I use my VW van (only family car) to drive and sleep. Most of the time I’ve to recharge the battery of this car before going for a trip because it was waiting too long for my next holiday trip… :wink:


I don’t have a driving licence and am not planning on getting one. I get around mostly by bike and train and occasionaly bus. Fortunately, more and more buses in the Netherlands are electric (around 30% now) :smiley:


I walk whenever I can, and use public transport when I can’t. I take a bus to work and go back home foot. takes about an hour but at least I can pretend that I’m getting a workout (:


I’m in my mid-20’s (ugh I hate saying that so much) and don’t have a driving license either. I live in a big city with great public transport. I don’t use my bike at all atm, but I want to start using it again. I also bought an e-scooter a couple of years ago, but I hardly use it anymore, since walking is healthier.


Walking for 74 years. No licence but did drive for a year or more back in my youth but considered a) I don’t like the government laws and b) it was too dangerous to drive, always looking over my shoulder.:woozy_face:

Cycled from the UK to the Greece a couple of times and Tunisia.

Bought a boat but never got very far.

Now I have 15 hectares to manage and there is no hurry and no tractor.

My fossil fuel is zero and my electrics is solar ~ to keep this comms with the forum

If I’m not very present some days is that, for example, there are lots of cloudy days of late a 1Kw solar array, over an 8 hour day produced < 10 watts, on one day.

So bye for now, no backup diesel generator :slight_smile:


Located in a village in the UK midlands, primarily get around by bike.

All the essential stuff is within about 5-30min riding distance, only problem being some of the routes are rather hilly!

For longer journeys and days out I just use the bus or train. I have a license though but no car.


I use my bike mostly every day. I used to have an old second hand bike but it was low end: as our local and national governments are currently encouraging to buy electric bikes by reimbursing a big part of their prices (I guess mainly to convince car users to switch, but it is not compulsory to switch from a car apparently), I’ve switched to a brand new e-bike last October… Also because I was fed up arriving sweaty wherever I was going, especially Montpellier is hilly and can often be a very hot place. However I still do enjoy some sporty rides so I sometimes deactivate the assistance.

I live in a quite big city, so I don’t need a car and for long distances I use the train (I love to take it, especially TGV) and other public transports. And for the occasional times I really need a car, I ask my friends or families who have one or I rent one (I have my driving licence since 2010 but never owned my car since I was always living in big enough cities). I hope I’ll never need to own one.


Well, I’m impressed but unsurprised by the number of bicycles around here. Mine’s one of them (not electric).

When not having to work from home, I “usually” cross central Paris twice a day on my bike which takes me everywhere. Also trips to see friends in the suburbs. I very occasionally use the métro, as little as possible. I also walk quite a bit.

I haven’t used a plane for 14 years. Longer journeys by train. I occasionally hire a car to get to places where there’s no public transport. But I’m thinking about moving out to the country, in which case I’m nearly sure I’ll get a (used) e-car. But at present it would be nearly 50% nuclear of course.

I do not use my phone for navigation (though sometimes just to read a map). I’m old-fashioned and prefer to know where I am from observing my surroundings, and where I’m going, from a map.


We are a family of four living in the city. We own an e-bike, normal bike and a trailer for the kids. We also have a combustion engine car used once to twice a month for longer trips.


If you live in the city with public infrastructure, all no problem
But I live in the country without infrastructure, with family and 60KM distance to work without train or bus connection
So I have no other choice than the car.
That’s just a fact and unfortunately can not be changed.
Not even if the policy makes big words.


I have two recumbents and a velomobile (Quattrovelo from :slight_smile: That’s enough for me to get around. My partner has a car, but it tends to sit around on the street in front of the flat for months at a time just occupying the public space :confused:


pfffft, just pedal faster! (;


sure… :rofl: