Are the "BLOBs" part of the Open OS package and is all FP2 hardware supported?

I want to move to Open OS, but I am not sure what kind of drivers / hardware support to expect.
Does the Open OS package support all hardware components of the FP2 ? Is it using more or less up to date proprietary (blob) drivers or open source ones ?

As far as I know, it uses exactly the same blobs. It is just the Google Service part of Android that is removed.

So all your hardware will be working perfectly, the main concern is the software part for using GPS, but you can find lot’s of help to getting it right on the forum.


Thanks for your quick reply Nico. Then I do not understand why they have not created a “one size fits all” Fairphone OS with the just the minimal (pico) GAPPS package as part of the system. All other Google stuff could then be easily installed / uninstalled like any other app. Those who really do not want to use any Google stuff could simply deactivate the pico GAPPS components - bingo.

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Actually it is more the the opposite.

Pico GAPPS contains more stuff than you think (Calendar, Play Store, GPS feature, add-tracking, etc) and you can’t easily deactive all of them. So they decided to create a Google Service Free OS. If you really want/need them back, you just have to flash on zip file, it is more than easy and everybody is happy :slight_smile:


True, I have used the Pico GAPPS package on other phones before. I just notice the current delay of a new Open OS version that actually stops me installing because of “cannot install over newer build…” and was wondering if a single build line would make it easier for the developers.

Once you install the Google stuff it’s hard to get rid of it again. It’s easier to just use MircoG and to install apks pulled from the store. Complicated? Oh yes, but this is how Google wants it. Leaving their garden should not be too easy.

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sorry for digging this out again :wink: – what do you mean by this? I just installed FP Open and without installing anything else OsmAnd can find my location (w/ WiFi/cellular data off and just GPS on).

That’s it. You need to install OsmAnd and if you want to use data or Wifi info, you need other stuff if I remember correctly.

ok, I guess I don’t really need to “understand” the issue since it does not seem to be one for me :stuck_out_tongue:

but why do you call this a “concern”? everything seems to work exactly the same way as on the standard FP OS.

or maybe I did not get this part right.

Nevermind, if you don’t want to explain it – or don’t remember it :slight_smile:
I just thought it might be interesting to know for people who think about installing FP Open. (because it sounds like it would be extra trouble, which i don’t see atm ;))

You are right, it not extra trouble at all :slight_smile:

But, and once again I may say incorrect stuff, network location (Wifi and data) might be very helpful to get a more accurate position, for example in small streets or inside buildings, where the GPS signal can be difficult to reach.

And if you want to use network location, you have to install µg UnifiedNlp from F-droid. And configuring it without any help is not that easy imho. But I am pretty sure that it is easy to get help for doing this on this forum :slight_smile:

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got it – thanks for clarifying =)

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