Are spare-parts reusable across current and future versions of fairphone...?

Will furture verison of the fairphone be able to reuse spareparts from current and earlier version of the fairphone.
Are active design decisions being made to ensure things like interfaces and form factors for replaceable components (e.g. camera housing, bateries etc) can be re-used as replacements when a new verison of a phone is bought?

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As this is user driven, we don’t have insight in design decisions of the Fairphone developers. But as far as I know, that won’t be possible.


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In line with Incanus’s view I would doubt very much that any part will be exchangeable between models.

Making a new model every two years at least requires a new motherboard which is designed around peripherals, so screen, battery and I imagine all other modules will not only be physically unable to fit but technology wise be ‘outdated’


Thanks for the response, though I feel you have made a bad assumption re ability to fit new tech and it being outdated…

The modues like camera, battery and usb etc can all be connected using ‘standardised’ internal interfaces, though there may be design reasons for upgrading parts there are also some components that are common and are effectively no different across products…

It only takes a design imperative to make this happen, and since reusability and environmental impact is a major driving factor for this company it seems like a significant part of the H/W development should be ensuring components from previous products can be upscaled and reused in new products (at least not making them obsolete by default)…

I get that it makes it harder, I was thowing the question out there in the hope someone internal may comment…

Also if, from an insider veiw the answer is still “NO!!”, then I would be interested in what their justification would be… given what I’ve alluded to above…

A camera module doesn’t have a standard interface. So you need to implement the driver and software into the core module. That limits the possibility of progress. You don’t want to use camera hardware of the early 2010s in a modern phone of today.

And as I already said, although hosted by Fairphone, this is a user community. Fairphone employees don’t read or answer here very often.


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