Are random reboots processor related?

AA processor, once a week.
With lolipop, mostly after extended time of non use (~30 hours) and during heavy usage (device case temperature well over 28°C)

AA processor

Reboots in 3 months usage:

  • 3x OSMAnd als Navi mit und ohne Ladekabel im Auto und zu Fuß. Die Klemmhalterung im Auto kann permanent auf den Kameraknopf drücken weshalb ich das Gerät dort nur sanft einklemme. In diesem Betrieb wackelt das Fairphone kräftig, vielleicht verliert es dadurch Kontakt zum Akku?

  • 2x Synthesis: 1x kurz nach dem Neustart aufgrund von OSMAnd. 1x bei schneller Bedienung der App, schneller als sie reagieren konnte.

So it might be due to high processor load during navigation or operation of synthesis.
As the reboots are not too often, I will not take counter-action for now.
Running Fairphone Open 5.1 (17.03)

AA and reboots between 2 and 3 times per day.

After trying everything else, I recently did a factory reset which solved many smaller problems but not the one with the reboots. I am now on FP Open OS. The first day went by without reboots, but after installing Telegram and Threema they started again.

So far they happen almost only while browsing (tried the pre-installed Browser and Lightning, no difference). Before the reset OSMAnd with GPS on was particularly catastrophic as well, haven’t tried that yet.

Yesterday I activated root and downloaded Kernel Adiutor. I could see that one of the processor cores was permanently off and one was switching off-on all the time. I turned all of them on now and changed the settings according to Antimailer’s post above, so far it’s fine and the phone is stable. I’ll update this post once I’ve tested for a few days.

These days I had a marshmallow reboot after about 4 or 5 days of uptime running a game app.
It looks to me as if there’s a resource leak.

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AA Processor, had black screen lock ups semi-randomly and possibly CPU related (whilst installing updates?), and separately, restarts without black screen freeze, ONLY whilst 4g activated and in heavy use typically GMaps and spotify with 4g signal. Neither ever when left alone on airplane mode (overnight). Facebook Messenger installed but tried uninstalling Facebook itself, didn’t seem to fix

Since 6/M update, no black screen lock ups, but an instance where everything started being really laggy - have now just done a factory reset with cache clear to see if helps.
When tried 4G on have seen 1x restart with screen on and and heavy use as before

@DjDas you mentioned 4G, are you saying 4G made yours better!?

Anyone, Does the 4G being on creating random reboots potentially cause this behavior in conjunction with CPU overload - any insights? Worth changing CPU settings? Is it possible to check the settings before root please?

@dwinter: no, it’s the opposite, with LP and 4G enabled the phone became highly unstable and reboots were very frequent; moreover there were weird behaviors after passing from 4G to 3G, it seemed there was a sort of “stabilizing time” in which reboots occurred and after an undefined amount of time the situation became more stable.
Unfortunately at that time there wasn’t the Hiccup tool, and I also was on Open OS when it appeared on new OS versions, so I couldn’t provide info to Fairphone.
Eventually I switched to beta M so I started to try different scenarios on this OS version, enabling Hiccup on it in order to collect crash reports; now 4G works without any problem (on both SIMs) and I have no reboots after I downclocked the CPU to 1497MHz using Kernel Adiutor (please see my previous post to see when I did the downclock).
The only poweroffs occurred since then, were due to battery outage.
Bye! :slight_smile:

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