Are misbehaving pre installed apps ruining Fairphone Open OS?

Since I switched to FP-Open on day one an official build was available my Fairphone somewhat misbehaves. I never switched back to the normal Fairphone Android because I really don’t like the thinks Google is doing.

The more noticeable misbehaver where

  • seemingly spontaneous restarts.
  • After a restart it seamed like every installed app was opened recently.
  • the Battery level was shown as being very volatile. It went down and up again without any Energy consuming task triggered by me or a rechacharging.
  • After a restart the Data usage shown in the system settings was back at 0MB

I Disabled some apps which came pre installed with FP-OOS and now the Misbehaviours seam to be gone. (It is to short of a while too say it definitively but at least the the 0MB and the “all apps open” issues seam to be gone for sure and the others haven’t shown up since them. I will say it here if they do.)

The last app I deactivated was the pre installed sound recorder.
All apps which I deactivated are shown here (in German since I have the German version installed and the name shouldn’t variate that much.)

  • Browser
  • E-Mail
  • Galerie
  • Kalender
  • Kamera
  • Musik
  • Soundrekorder
  • Suche (German for Search)

Since you may wonder what I use instead it is said here that I use the f-droid app store and there are real good alternatives for the most apps. Especially the “Simple apps” (the ones with the orange logos) are pretty nice and do their job and nothing else.


Well those are all Standard Android 6 Apps, which are included in Open OS because FP changes Android as little as possible as to make security updates available very quickly - but almost nobody uses them and definitely nobody recommends them.
These Apps causing the issues you describe is news to me though.

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I do not think that all of these are bad but it seams like at least one of them misbehaves or causes misbehaver of the system.

Well at least Browser and E-Mail are not recommended and a security risk. And the others are clearly inferior to alternatives you find on F-Droid too. I’m on Lineage OS, where the preinstalled apps are up to date and work fine, but still I replaced Browser (with Fennec), E-Mail (K-9), Calendar (simplemobiletool’s calendar) & Camera (Open Camera).
The Music and Sound Recorder apps on Lineage are great and there is no Search App.

Why is the default browser a security risk? In the past it was bound to the Android version itself but nowadays Android System WebView is a system app that can be updated and that is used by many apps including the default browser. Not liking its interface or its connection to Google is a different thing. Did I miss anything?

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After still having a view reboots but the other problems seemingly solved i recognised that the calculator app is also running without being opened by any action. Since I disabled it 2 days ago all described problems seam to be gone.

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That’s unbelievable :open_mouth::+1:

Did you use the Updater App to switch back then (was that even possible on day one), or did you do a clean install via fastboot?
No real lead here … I’m just somehow suspicious towards the Updater App.

I installed it using fastboot since it’s easier to verify the checksums on a Computer and I had to do the usb connection thing anyway because of data backup.

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