Are fairphones (I own a FP 2) 64 bit or 32 bit devices?

I am trying to install a 64 bit app on my Fairphone 2 and it’s not working (I have a second phone, Samsung A6, that one is 32 bit too). I wanted to ask which fairphones are 64 and 32 bit, and if we can change that somehow. Thank you!


I guess the Fairphone 2 is a 32 bit device, since it is using a Snapdragon 801 processor.


As Paule says, this is determined by the processor. The processor used in each model is indicated in the technical specifications, for example of the FP3+. Those of the FP4 are here. As you will see, these are both 64 bit devices.

It’s not possible to change the processor in models produced up to now.


You can only change it by changing the phone :wink:

Otherwise, if you will not use an app store, with both architecture repos, you have to be sure to get 32bit apks

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Thanks to all of you. I am a little confused because my other phone (Samsung A6) in theory has a 64 bit processor but a 32 bit system. I couldn’t find much info about it though, I just got told I should ‘install a custom ROM’ but not sure if that’s easy or hard (I know it’s easier with fairphone since a lot of the userbase use an open source or private OS).

I ended up using a different app available for my phone instead of the original one that requires 64 bits

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Generally, 32-bit processors (and operating systems) can only run 32-bit software while 64-bit processors can run 64-bit and 32-bit software (or: stuff can run stuff of equal or lesser bitness). The Samsung A6 actually has a 64-bit processor, so a custom 64-bit ROM would definitely work.

Other people in this thread were mentioning how the FP2 has a 32-bit processor so it can only run 32-bit software. The FP3 and FP4 both have 64-bit processors and have 64-bit OSs so they can run 32- and 64-bit apps.


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