Are covers FP2 o FP3 compatible?

I have a FP2 and although dissapointed by many aspects, I consider buying the FP3 (or +) but would like to know if I can reuse the cover of my FP2 ?
I find the fact that I can not use the same cable quite contradictory to the ethical approach and wonder it it is the same for the cover?

There are no parts in the FP2 that can be reused in the FP3, sadly - so no, you can not use your FP2 cover for your FP3. The phones are completely different in size and design.

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There’s a good chance you can use the same cable. You just need a small micro USB -> USB-C adapter part.

Micro USB ports are a nuisance. They break too easily. We can complain about the industry as much as we want, but moving on from micro USB to USB-C is a good riddance in my book.

And while I can understand question marks about not re-using the old cover … Fairphone still wants and needs to sell phones outside of a radical niche.

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Thank you. I get the point as to USB-C. . Not sure to understand whether or not I can use the same cover however (sorry for my english).

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Thank you for taking the time to answer.

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Happy to help!

You say you’re disappointed with aspects of your FP2; what sort of issues have you been having? Maybe something we can help you with?


Fairphone had to change some things to get a reasonable number of nowadays customers to buy the new phone. So the size and dimensions changed to reflect how phones look and work nowadays. And so the old cover can’t fit.

They could have instead made the new phone so that people who wanted to re-use the most parts would have been happy, and so that people who liked the old form factor would have been happy. But in reality they wouldn’t have sold many new phones that way, because this would have been an even smaller niche as the niche they operate in anyway.
And their whole mission is to have an impact. The impact is less with less sold phones out there, nobody wants that.


I understand. Thank you

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