ARCore on FP3+ unofficial, experimental and unsupported configuration

Hello to all the FairPhone’s users,
as noted on ARCore support! ARCore is NOT supported on FP3 or FP3+.

I’m tryng to config Google’s ARCore in my FairPhone 3+, this is only for expert user and/or programmer.
For help me you need to:

  • Have a FP3+ with Android (possibly NOT rooted), not ubuntu or debian or postmarketos or any GNU/Linux distro;
  • Be an expert user, with knowledge of adb and logcat;
  • Have or create a Github account;
  • Basic (or better advanced) knowledge about image format, optic and camera (I lack this, I’m starting to study from 0);
  • Have much free time (I don’t have it);
  • Be very motivated.

If you are a noob please don’t ask for help, don’t ask an modified .apk or .ab (will be impossible or illegal) and ESPECIALLY don’t ask Google support.
Google’s ARCore staff permit to “experiment” new UNOFFICIAL devices as long as you don’t ask for help or official support.
If they receive requests they will remove the possibility for everyone, so please don’t do it.
If you need ARCore on your FairPhone but you have not the skill don’t ask help, study.
An unofficial help by FairPhone staff would be very appreciated but not pretended.

Google’s ARCore on FP3+ is VERY experimental and can be VERY instable, I’m obviously not responsable on any damage on both hardware or software side.
I don’t know if this hack can “brick” your phone. So you have to suppose it can.
Also if you have problem you cannot ask at anyone, create a complete backup first to hack your FirePhone 3+.

Also, please don’t ask for a FP2 or FP3 or FP4 custom profile, I don’t own such FairPhone and I’m not actually interested, If you have the skill you can do for yourself (you can look on my Github repo for hint how to do it).

My GitHub repo is on GitHub - paolo-caroni/FP3plus_device_profile: This repo contains the custom FairPhone 3+ profile for ARCore

Honestly a free (libre) implementation of ARCore would be MUCH better, but totally impossible for me.

Good hacking to all.


@Jan_S @Wilgart as a developer are you still interested?

@Antonyus @Almarshmallow and you?

Hi @paolo-caroni
Unfortunatly I can not help with coding or testing.
Good luck with the task

Hey, unfortunately I can’t help right now, maybe at a later date. Keep up the great work!

Status update: actually it seems to be pretty stable with minor bugs, unprecise on calibration, the induction table on the second image is 59,5cm so it’s not correct, but it’s better than nothing.

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I’m continuing time to time on testing and trybto improve this.

First of all probably I can never abilitate depth API. Seems that FP3 is uncapable or I cannot find how to set it.

The relevation of floors are not very rapid and on outdoor is very difficult (on the street for example).
Indoor seems to function, but is not really calibrated.
It seems to be stable, no app will be killed or looped.