aptX support in FP4?

Hi everyone.

When connected with my BT box (BT Box S2 – Pro-Ject Audio Systems) streaming only works with aptX off (see screenshot).
All other phones at home work well (Samsung and Motorola).

Does this means FP4 does not support aptX?

If true, this is a serious issue on a phone with wireless sound support only… :grimacing:

You might want to have a look at this detailed look into this issue:


FP4 does - but not with the Android version released so far. With LineageOS 20, which is based on Android 13, I have no problems using aptX. So hopefully with future updates this will be fixed in the regular Android version of Fairphone as well.


Just updated my FP4 5G to SP29.B.069.2023051.
BT aptX still doesn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:
I switched it off but that bug should be fixed asap! I didn’t buy this PF and then will not be able to use expected features.

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A fix for the Apt X bug is announced for one of the next updates. I will post a link, as soon as I found the topic.

Here it is: