Aptoide tells me, I have root access, but I haven't (and don't want)

Hey there,

the subject pretty much sums up my problem.
I’m all new to this, to Fairphone and Android, not familiar with any of the functions. After I tried getting Pokemon Go to run on my google-free FP (following step-by-step instructions) and finally gave up, I did a factory reset with a blank Open OS installation via package. Everything’s nude and naked now, just as I wished, but when I downloaded my first app from aptoide, it said “It seems like you have root access, do you want to disable the automatic installation of apps?” (or very similar to that)
I’m a bit concerned why the root access is still open, I thought the factory reset would make any changes (resulting from the Pokemon fiasco) undone.

Edit: a little more insight.
I checked root access with Root checker basic and it said that root access is not properly installed on this device. :frowning:

Can you help with that?

You can enable root by switching it on in the developer options on FP Open OS. By default it’s disabled.
I think this is why aptoide thinks your phone is rooted. I think it’s nothing to worry about :wink:

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Sorry for the delay and thanks. I will ignore it then lightheartedly. :wink:

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