"Apps which are capable of hooking detection"?

I have a FP2 with Fairphone Open and, trying to be #livingwogoogle, I got used to having problems with apps which rely on Google. Thanks to this lovely Forum I managed to get most of them to work so far - not necessarily at the same time or with every update, but I can live with that most days… :smile:

Today I wanted to install an app from our local pub to be able to order and pay from the app allowing social distancing. The installation worked, but when starting the app I get the error message that

“(APP NAME) will not run on devices that have apps installed which are capable of hooking detection.”

Does anyone know what this could mean???

Thank you!!

A quick search gives me this:

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Thank you!
So this means I would have to deinstall Xposed - meaning I wouldn’t be able to use many other apps to get this one to work? :frowning:

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I’m afraid that yes. Is this app more important than the XPosed apps you have? It’s yours to decide.
Or perhaps someone else knows a solution?

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