Apps that works on FP1U from F-Droid

As I have a FP1U Android 4.2.2 in the hands I tested several apps from F-Droid on it:

  • F-Droid itself :ok:
  • OpenCamera :ok:
  • OsmAnd~ :ok:
  • VLC :ok:
  • IceCatMobile :ok: (Firefox for Android)
  • Orbot :ok: (connect through TOR)
  • Open Contacts :ok: (better call log and alternative contacts) (Android 4.2.2 fresh beta testing build, might be the version 13 on F-Droid soon)
  • Silence IM :ok: (ciphered SMS)
  • EDS Lite :ok: (cipher SDCard)
  • Sky Map :ok:
  • Red Moon :ok: (protect the eyes from blue light)
  • Call Recorder :ok:
  • BatteryFu :ok: (turn data on only once in a while)
  • WaveUp :ok: (lock and unlock screen from proximity sensor)
  • Obsqr :ok: (scan QR codes)
  • AdAway :ok: (filter out ads)
  • FasterGPS and SatStat :ok: (to get quicker fix and see what’s happening)
  • CoolReader :ok: (to read PDF, Epubs…)
  • ConnectBot :ok: (ssh client)
  • Terminal Emulator :ok:
  • Hacker’s keyboard :ok:
  • AndrOBD :ok: (read error codes of a car)
  • Level reader, LibreOffice viewer,

This makes the FP1U highly usable :slight_smile:

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Did you encounter any apps that don’t work (unless you toggle the “include incompatible versions” option)?

Yes, unfortunately.

F-Droid reports incompatible apps, it’s a good start, and my list is like a reminder of what’s compatible.

OpenNoteScanner is sadly incompatible for instance.

Then, Open Contacts was crashing as reported.

  • TOR Browser (alpha) is crashing.
  • OrWall not working.
  • Lock, FLock Now, Transparent Widgets (and every screen lock buttons I found are reported by F-Droid as compatible but crashes).
  • RedScreenActivity crashes (I installed a white IO Flashlight instead)
  • QuickDic did not download its dictionnaries (maybe they are not available anymore…
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The problem I have with a FP1U on Android 4.2.2 that there are no security updates.
Whilst Android 4.4.4 is up to date with security.
May I ask why you don’t upgrade to Android 4.4.4 ?

Fennec also still works on 4.2.2.

As to 4.2.2 versus 4.4.4 – I get the most battery life out of 4.2.2. However, I am now mildly optimistic that I might have finally figured out what caused the major battery drain that I kept experiencing under 4.4.4. One or two weeks more and I might feel certain enough to explain it.

I have no personal experice on the question yet :slight_smile:
I read here (many times) that Android 4.4.4 was unstable over FP1/FP1U.
If it’s like my FP2 with LineageOS 15.1, which reboots maybe once a day and crashes on GPS… I may not advise something else than an official system.
Sure security updates are appealing, but on device with a closed source and not isolated baseband, it looks like a lot of efforts for not so much results anyway…
That being said, to use the phone as a phone, with only Free softwares, it looks reasonably safe (the IceCatMobile is updated for instance).

I can only add my own experience with a FP1 on androi 4.4.4 with Gapps pico.
My FP1 is stable. For me security is important.

I can say with certainty that using 4.4.4 was a flawlessly stable experience for me, too. The issue I mentioned above was my sole problem with it (and I now think it affected me for special circumstances).

@urs_lesse @Lidwien ok I’l try this : Android KitKat (4.4.4) for FP1

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