Apps slow and not working

Various apps not working on mobile data after last years update. Crucial apps like my carshare, public transport and weather apps are stuck on opening screen.

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Could you report the OS Build number (go to Settings > About phone > Build number).

Do you mean that they DO work when you’re using a Wi-Fi connection?

Otherwise, I think it would be wise to perform a full “factory reset”.

But before anything else, please make sure you have backed up your settings and data. The reset would erase ALL your data, so you must copy documents, files, photos, music etc. onto some other device or the cloud, before you perform the reset.

All users should do full backups regularly anyway of course, so I’m sure you’re ready :wink:

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Hi and thanks! Yes I mean the various apps do work perfectly well with wifi, but not on mobile data. But that is exactly when I need those apps to navigate, open my shared car, check the weather :sun_with_face: or the public transport. The build number is 6.A.025.0

Do you have enough mobile data left? Some providers will give you slow data when you have reached your limit.
Who is your provider? Did you check the APN-settings?

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Yes. I reset APN for both sim cards but does not make a difference. Other applications like my internet browser are working, also on mobile data and the problem with the non functional apps is persistent throughout the month on both sims I am using. So data limits should not be the problem.

Odido is the provider (NL )

When I google Odido then there are a lot of people having trouble with slow internet.
Perhaps you can try another provider.