Apps cannot be moved from device storage to SD card

the device memory of my FP2 is full. So I used a micro SD card for additional storage. I formatted it “format as internal”. The system has recognized the additional memory and listed the corresponding memory sizes. In order to free up space in the device storage, I want to move some apps that I have installed to the SD card. However, there is no option for such an action in the memory display of an app to be moved. However, this is the case with other device manufacturers and is also described as such in various forums. Why can that be?

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Using a SD card as internal memory and especially moving Apps to it, is an ancient method that is abandoned by most manufacturers, if it ever was supported, and not possible at all with a lot of Apps.
In addition, in most cases it will lead to problems after a while of use, leaving your device unusable or causes data loss.
So I would suggest to reformat the SD card as portable memory and free up internal space by moving only data to it.


Incanus is right. If you format the SD card as internal memory a missing or broken SD card will get you in trouble.

You can save some space by clearing the app caches etc.

But moving data will have a bigger effect. On my FP2, I have a 128GB SD card which holds music, photos, backups of phone and some apps (e.g. signal chats) or the large map files of OSMAnd.

Check which apps consume much storage and look in the apps for options to move storage location to SD card.

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