Applications of fp2 close automatically in android 7 version

I have my FP2 from 2016. 10 days ago I made a Factory recovery, and suddenly a trouble has appeared: som of my app’s are closed just a second since I open them. For example: Gmail, adobe acrobat, google services, app from my Bank, etc

Another app’s are running correctly, so I don’t know if is a software or hardware problem.

I would like the someone could help me and tell my how I can to procede.


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Have a look here, you are most likely affected by a problem that has bugged Android users all over the globe yesterday and today:

Probably you just need to update Chrome and/or Android System WebView through the Play Store.


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This seems to be a common problem at the moment, look here for example Diverse Apps stürzen ab - #5 by FreeFree

Thanks for de fast feedback. I have the android System WebView disabled, but
I solved the problem updating the google chrome app.


Anyone experiencing the same problem, please find further advice in the two other topics mentioned by myself and Incanus above.