Apple under investigation in France for possible programmed obsolescence

The French NGO Halte a L’Obsolescence Programmee (HOP) has obtained a judicial inquiry into planned obsolescence of Apple products according to Reuters.

A notable factor is the claimed practice of “serialization” which prevents the use of generic parts and seems particularly destined to cause difficulties for third-party repairers.

Infos en français sur le site HOP.


As long as the devices can be repaired, I can’t see any ‘planned obsolence’.

Pretty much anything can be repaired. The only real question is: At which price?
While I do think that Apple gladly accepts the side effect of their hardware being so expensive to repair that people would rather buy something new, I also think that they genuinely try to do this to assure a certain level of security and quality. Do I think that they have their priorities dialed in correctly? Certainly not, which is why I personally avoid their products.
Still, I think the grounds for the particular accusation made above are half-baked at best.


I think the serial lock is a really good reason to complain.
Just think what would happen if you do the same with other products. For example cars.
What would you think if you weren´t allowed to buy used or third party parts for repairs anymore? The prices would double but the quality is pretty much identical.

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There are always two sides of a medal. If you buy something used, you would be glad to know that it contains genuine spare parts and no cheap Chinese firecracker battery for example.

Ya but apple doesn’t check to see if the part is genuine, they only check to see if its the part that was already linked, and if it isn’t they dissable fonctions

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You usually don´t have problems like that if you buy third party parts from known companies.
It´s the same for car parts. There are known suppliers and others, where you risk buying rubbish.

One reason why I did not continue to buy another apple laptop was that they have a history of doing environmental unfriendly things, like in the past with their inbuild batteries and my previous laptop was one where the aliminum case was glued onto glass or the board (maybe for it to be cooled better).
The only problem with that is that this made recycling of aluminum impossible.

Steve Jobs always considered himself to be the great environmental guy, until an article came out shunning him for bad practices. Then he had to start to rethink (or at least greenwash) apple.


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