Apple Music app not connecting to mobile data

Hi there, I now own a FP2 for 3month and I was on an iPhone before. I use Apple Music. This app si running perfectly on wifi but can’t connect to 4g. All permissions are locked on (app & phone) but it’s still not working. I called Apple support but they didn’t find an issue. Did anyone met this problem before?
Thks for support,

Do other Apps (e.g. any browser) work without problems with mobile data?

Which settings exactly did you check already?


All other apps are working well with phone data.

Phone permission for data is on, as the app option. I don’t find other settings for data.

Maybe you disabled background data for the Apple Music app. Which is good for saving data volume, but can interrupt app functionality. How to disable it:

“Settings” → “Wireless & networks” → “Data usage” → [SIM card] → “Apple Music” → disable “Restrict app background data”

“Settings” → “Wireless & networks” → “Data usage” → “…” → tap “Allow background data” if available (if not, then it’s already enabled).

Notice: Your data consumption will rise then.

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Hi Tofra,
Thanks for your try. Data background are enhanced for Apple Music and I have no restriction turned on…


Unfortunately, I have the same problem. No restrictions are activatet but still, apple music doesnt work with mobile data. Im also from Switzerland but I cant really imagine that it has something to do with that.
@Swissmaraud does the problem persist oder did you find a solution?

Hi @RobinhoH,
The problem persists, I did not find any solution to this… :frowning:
What operator do you have? I got Swisscom… Could it be an issue?

I have M Budget which is the same network… but I cant imagine, that the problem is linked to the provieder. We probably just have to wait for a miracle!

Hi! I’m thinking about getting a FP2 and I would like to use Apple Music. I’m also from Switzerland and I was wandering if the problem has been solved or not…

Well, I checked today and it’s working!!! Don’t know why, but it doesn’t matter.

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