Apparent DRM problems on Criterion Channel app

Using a VPN to appear as being located in American lands, I succeeded in signing up to the Criterion Channel’s two-week trial. I planned to watch movies in my computer, but it’s not supported because it’s Linux. Then I remembered my phone is a bit more commercial, because it’s an Android FP3, and I installed their app. I get the message “Cannot play video - This device does not support secure video playback.” (And then the thing forces me to be OK with that, which of course is outrageous. The only reason I won’t ask for the manager is, well, I don’t want to be confused with some karen, but omg.) So I also tried going through Chrome on Android, and they also don’t support it. So unsupported I felt, that I decided to post my first support ticket here… Thanks a lot to everyone in advance for your time, creativity, and overall efforts devoted to this good cause!

Hi there!

Perhpas you know it already, but for it to be clear, this is a community forum and you won’t get any official support from Fairphone. There, you can ask questions and people give ideas or answers, and so it’s not really a support ticket. I just wanted to be sure that you knew it :slightly_smiling_face:


I mean, the crux of the matter would be the same if I were really in the US. The question is about DRM support, not about whatever else I decided to write in the initial message for your amusement.

You should find the answers your are looking for here:

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Thank you for your reply. I had seen that page. To me, it suggests that there should be something that Fairphone developers can do to make the Android system on the Fairphone compatible with Criterion Channel; maybe just update something.