App view/screen freeze after unlock

Hi, I wonder if anyone else gets this issue? When I unlock my FP3, certain apps freeze (I notice particularly with Firefox, but it’s not the only one) which I was using when the phone locked. If I scroll or press buttons nothing happens. I have found a workaround by pressing the open apps button and clicking back into the app, then it works again - in fact the view jumps by the amount I scrolled, indicating that it reacted to my inputs but the view didn’t update. Occasionally the view is black, the workaround works everytime.

In connection with your other issue … If nothing else comes up here soon, consider backing up your important data, then boot the phone in safe mode or do a factory reset.
Tutorials for all of this are here …


If this doesn’t help, contact support.


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out and try that if nobody suggests anything.