App updates not possible: too less storage → solution "unified storage partition"?


well known problem (using FP1): “error by downloading “NAME OF APP”. Not enough storage available”.

To solve this problem I found the “keyword” »unified storage partition«:

But what exactly does this mean, a “unified storage”? Afterwards there will be no differentiation between internal storage and phone storage? But what will be the label for this combined storage?

And will this have an effect to my 16 GB SD card?

Here my storage structure (a long combined screenshot ;)):

Thanks a lot!

Yes, internal and phone storage will be combined to “internal storage” but your SD card will not be affected.

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Thank you for your explanation!

Quotation of the linked description:

This setup [separation between storage for applications and user data] came to us standard as part of the Android software structure

Nonetheless the combined “internal storage” without the phone storage any more applied by the Fairphone Updater is fully compatible to “the Android software structure”? Or will I get new problems afterwards? :wink:

No, you shouldn’t have problems afterwards. The second batch Fairphone FP1U, the one I have, came shipped with the unified partition and it works great! :smiley:

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… okay. Thank you again.

Then I need only some free hours for doing a backup and so on :frowning: :frowning:

Oh, one important question left:

I am using “Kola Nut 1.8” — but the “Storage Upgrader Cherry1.6” is compatible to this newer version??

Please keep your posts in one place and don’t ask the same questions in multiple threads!

No, unfortunately it is not possible to do the storage upgraded on 1.8. You have to downgrade. :frowning:

There are some compatibility issues with downgrading, so if you run into troubles, search the help pages or the forum.

I have to downgrade and afterwards searching the help pages again & again for solving new & further troubles?

I am a simple FP user, not a FP hacker :frowning:

It’s not true!

It’s not about hacking, and everything is explained well enough. :wink: Don’t worry! And if you can’t find the appropriate information, you can still post back here. :slight_smile:

After a backup yesterday I tried downgrading to 1.6.

The option »Storage Upgrader Cherry 1.6« as seen in the screenshot at is missing!

Therefore I opened settings, storage: there only appears “internal storage” and “sd card”.

Am I right that the unified storage was automatically created by downgrading to 1.6? — in contrast to the description and screenshots in the above links/tutorial?

By the way:
“everything is explained well enough” — hmm …


Do you have improvements? Please share them with us, maybe we can them forward to the Fairphone team! :slight_smile:

Hmmm… If there is only Internal Storage and SDcard, it seems that the partitions were unified. It seems odd to me though, that it should have happened on its own. Well install some apps and see, if the “not enough storage”-error continues to be displayed.

Trial & Error? Okay, I will do it…

At the moment I am restoring apps and settings with the save&restore app. Hours later…

downgrading to 1.6 created in fact automatically the combined storage — support:

You can check here if the storage upgrade is installed or not.

  • System settings -> Storage -> Under internal storage is a button called “Total space” if this says 0.98 GB then you have not installed the storage upgrade yet.



Ok! Do you have further questions, or can I close the topic?

Please close it! :slight_smile: Thanks!