App update notifications do not launch apk installer

For a few weeks, when Signal gives me a notification that “A new version of Signal is available, Tap to update”, which usually means that it has downloaded an APK file and is ready to install it, when I tap on the notification now nothing happens except for the notifications rolling up.
This also occurs with some other software installed via apk outside of F-Droid with its own updater, and in that case tapping on its notification takes me to an empty download list where the update should be.

Does anyone have a clue as to why this might be?
I have already double-checked that installing from ‘unknown sources’ is enabled. For now I’m just hoping it’s a regression that’ll be fixed in the next update.
Edit: for reference I’m currently on Fairphone Open 18.04.1 and the Updater app reports that my operating system is up to date.
Edit 2: Manually downloading an update apk for Signal via browser and opening it in a file manager still worked.

Someone PM’ed me to suggest clearing the android cache, so I did that as it had 2GB of data cached, but it made no difference to this problem, even after rebooting, and I still can’t see any OS updates newer than 18.04.1

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