App to restrict permissions (LBE security master)

Have you already tried LBE Security master?

Thank you for your hint. But I am a little frightened of trying this app. It looks very chinese and I see the danger to install a spy app. Mabye I am too suspicious of that app. Do you have any experiences with it?

The classic would be XPrivacy, but youd first have to see if you can flash XPosed.


after all the things Edward Snowden revealed I am way more concerned about what comes from his country! At least about all non open source stuff.

I cant give you a link right now,but I read that in the xda forum it has been tested for suspucious actions and they didn’t find any.

I use LBE Security master since years. But I have never run it on Lollipop so far. I’ll check as soon as my FP arrives…

Thank you for your objection. Mabye you are right. I will go through the xda forum to see what I can find about the LBE Security app.

[quote=“paulakreuzer, post:17, topic:13023”]
The classic would be XPrivacy, but youd first have to see if you can flash XPosed.
[/quote] I tryed to flash XPosed, but it was not possible.

I used app ops. Missing the option to search for an app, but otoh everything there

LBE itself you can find here:

The latest version is translated to DE and EN. No, recommendation, yet. As mentioned above, I don’t know if it works well with Android Lollipop.

Thanks for your link. But in the thread below on that page a number of problems after installation of LBE are described, I can not deal with. In the moment I am gathering information about app ops. I realy would feel comfortabe with XPrivacy, but as far as I understand: There is no Custom Recovery to flash XPosed for the fairphone 2 yet.


now that I have my Fairphone, I could try LBE Security Master. I had it installed for some days now and it seemed to work. The only thing that didn’t work was the App-Killer Propeller. This was configured to work with Dalvik Cache which Lollipop doesn’t have anymore.
So, I installed a more recent version (LBESecurity-A1-release-v6.1.2096.2_EN.apk) from over here:

If you already have installed the Version mentioned above, you should make a backup of your settings, de-install the app, install the new one and restore the settings.

When you perform a virus scan at low light, you can nicely see that the flickering screen bug should be related to the CPU usage. As soon as the virus scan is done, the flickering stops. Unfortunately I can’t post this in the related thread as it is closed already.

However, LBE works fine, so far and the Propeller kills all apps not listed in the personal white list. However, I am not quite sure if it actually still kills the apps like it has done it before. Lollipop has got a new cache handling, maybe LBE makes use of it…

However, you might wanna read this before installing the XDA version:

Sorry, it’s in German. It says that recent versions cannot be de-and re-compiled any more which makes translating harder and there might be some Russian changes in the version he has. But I cannot confirm that he refers to the version available at the XDA page.

So, you might distrust this app, but at least you don’t need to worry about trusting all other apps, as you can e.g. cut them off the internet.

Edit: A virus scanner doesn’t only use CPU much, but also the internal HD. So, it might be related to one of them.

Edit 2: I now have tested Version 6.1.2096.2 from XDA. After some time the app asked for my Telephone number for “confirmation”. I confirmed by de-installation and went back to 6.1.1928

Maybe one of the mods, e.g. @paulakreuzer or @Stefan could change this/add this remark…

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Before I switched to Fairphone2 I used until Android 4.2 SRT Appguard (on a rooted HTC Desire HD with Cyanogenmod 4.2) to restrict permissions on apps. But because the app changes the code of the app you wanted to be restricted - you won`t find it in the Google Play Store.

But, you have to be very cautious with Android 5.1. There seems to be some issues (maybe similar to LBE Security Master) and won`t work on every phone - see also:


Thanks for that hint. In the Moment I am in my holidays abroad. I will try it next week.