App to record radio

To all the radio listeners: Which app do you use on your FP to record web radio? I found a variety of radio player apps but it would be cool to record some shows directly on my phone. Some of my favourite shows are not available as pocasts I’d like to listen to.
Thanks so much for your recommendations!

I moved this topic into the #software super-category as it’s not specific to #software:fp2-android-5-1.

Oh you’re right :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi, I use the ‘Audials’ App. It works well and is free!

TuneIn and Audials are the apps I am using for that purpose. However, Audials is free while only TuneIn Pro can record radio streams. On the other hand, TuneIn has a more beautiful material design UI. You better check them out yourself :wink: