App switcher stops working randomly after A12 update


sice the Android 12 update my FP4 decided to “deactivate” the app swichter fromm time to time. It happens about every 12-48 hours and I can’t tell if it is after using a certain app or something.
So far only restarting helps to solve the problem.
I’m using NovaLauncher - could this be an issue with the update?

Does this occur for anyone else?



Hi Simon,

I can’t help you with NovaLauncher but maybe another launcher could help. I am using the free version of ‘Smart Launcher’ in combination with ‘Zone Launcher’.

This setup works very well for me.

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Yes, this is occurring to me.

This problem is extensively discussed in the following topic:

The problem appears to be related to the choice of launcher and is seen with other ROMs.

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Please follow-up if needed in the topic linked by OldRoutard.