App or function to switch flight mode on/off?


Since my battery won’t survive a day when it is not in flight mode, I am looking for an app or function to switch off the flight mode over a certain period of time or activate/deactivate in a certain pattern,

I’ve heard about Llama, but this app basically takes all the data it can get so I am wondering if there is a better option.

Probably Tasker is an alternative?
Just read about it though, never used it myself.

I use the Peace of Mind+ app, it was formerly provided by Fairphone and then modified by Mudar, it works with FP2 (although sometimes it seems to freeze for few seconds before entering flight mode) and lets you enable flight mode (and silent mode) for a limited time (up to 12 hours), recovering the original profile after the timeout :slight_smile:

With a rooted FP2 (or FP Open installed and root mode activated), you can use Silent Nights either on Google Play or F-Droid repository.

This app allows you to have a start time and end time for airplane/flight mode and/or mute your FP2.

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